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Permias Chicago 2012 Presidential Candidate

We are happy to announce that this year Permias Chicago has three experienced presidential candidates who are currently holding positions in the committee.  Learn about each of the individuals from their writings below they submitted as part of their candidacy requirement. Since we will be using online vote for the voting mechanism, don’t forget to send a short email to so we can reply you with a link for you to cast your vote. Lastly, we hope to see you in every great event we proudly organized with our members in mind.



*1. Tell us about yourself?*

My name is Evan Tjondro Koesoemo.I am from Surabaya Indonesia. I am currently studying at IIT Chicago majoring in architecture.

*2. Why do you want to be a Permias Chicago President or Vice President?

This is my fourth year living in Chicago. So many things had changed, lots of ups and downs. I humble myself before the community to serve more. Being PERMIAS Chicago leader is one of the ways. The community has now become stronger and exciting; it is the time to make it even bigger and even more beneficial for us as officers and also the circumstances.

*3. If you are selected, how do you plan to execute Permias Chicago vision and mission?

The first action would be reconsidering the structure of the organization based on the experience, what worked what didn’t. Secondly, having a yearly agenda, so the preparations would be enough to make it successful and yet fit the officers’ daily agendas. Last but not least, having regular meeting and pushing the outcome as best as possible.

“The more we put, the more to take out” – Tim Brown.



Jeffrey Widjaja Junior IIT Architecture

Experience: Permias Chicago Officer VP Indonesian Club Foothill College Student Government Association (ASFC) Foothill College

Alasan: Tidak ada salahnya mencoba


1. Melakukan kegiatan yg bermanfaat bagi mahasiswa yang bisa mempererat hubungan antar mahasiswa dan masyarakat Indonesia di Chicago seperti workshop resume, portfolio, dll, forum lapangan kerja, atau sesi Tanya jawab tentang dunia kerja di Chicago

2. Memperluas jaringan sosial dengan cara menlakukan kolaborasi dengan permias Midwest lain untuk mengadakan acara besar tahunan seperti indonight

3. Misi kebudayaan untuk misi kemanusiaan, melakukan penggalangan dana dengan cara mempromosikan kebudayaan Indonesia yang hasilnya akan disalurkan kepada orang yang membutuhkan



My name is Heynel Axelevi. Currently, I am a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago studying Management. When I was young, I was introduced to an organization called PERMIKA in Canada and although I was not a member, I was quite active in participating at many of their events. To me, being active had always meant doing more than what was asked or needed. I’ve always felt the need to push myself in reaching my fullest potential, and in doing so, I would put myself in positions where I would, without hesitation, take the role of managing or leading.

As a junior in high school, I was voted in student council as vice president and secretary. I established a strong foundation academically, but I also excelled athletically. I was captain of my varsity basketball and volleyball team. During my senior year in high school, I was assigned to be the sports event officer for PERMIAS Chicago. For three straight years, I held that position until I had been appointed as Vice President of PERMIAS Chicago in 2011.

In my hopes to be President for PERMIAS Chicago, I would see myself not only contributing thoughtful ideas and leadership experience to the organization, but also striving to create an experience that would allow myself to learn and grow as an individual, in the hopes of becoming a tenacious leader. Of course, as an Indonesian, I am also passionate in working to ensure the best ways of promoting and preserving our precious culture and rich traditions. It is without a doubt that I believe there is much to be said, about the greater honor for me as an Indonesian in receiving the opportunity to be considered for the position of President for PERMIAS Chicago. I am confident that my leadership abilities would be a strong asset to the organization.

If I were to be selected, in order to execute the greater strength of PERMIAS Chicago’s vision and mission, I would get to work in careful planning and strategizing to ensure that -the best of the best- of Indonesian students in Chicago are considered and recruited to become officers to help the organization achieve its goals. I would also plan to create seminars and educational workshops that will benefit college students in order to help them succeed with their future career endeavors.

To strengthen the deeper, cultural roots of our organization, I would also plan to also create social events such as a welcoming event, bowling night, and etc, in order to create a stronger, more unifying network for Indonesian students in our area. The Indonesian students and community will gain a feeling of unity and togetherness among each other. Ultimately, this will form an Indonesian network in Chicago.

More importantly, I will be present in representing our chapter at the PERMIAS Forum/Conference (Congress of Indonesian Diaspora) in July. There, I will use the opportunity to network with majority of the PERMIAS leaders and officers from across the country. With that, I would be able to not only bring back valuable information and experience, but stronger contacts and relationships with other PERMIAS leaders that would, perhaps, allow us to do collaborative work for future events.

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